Integrating Implicit Sync with your CRM / SaaS Application

Implicit Sync consists of two modules:

  • Implicit Sync Client - The implicit Sync client gets installed on end-users PCs. It includes two components: Microsoft Outlook Add-in and a Taskbar application (used for queuing up and background upload of email)
  • Implicit Sync Server Connector - The server Connector integrates with the Web application and handles all the communication aspects with the Implicit Sync clients. The server Connector publishes a set of web services (SOAP or REST) and manages the protocol and data exchange with the clients. It exposes an API that Web developers need to implement in order to integrate it with their application's database.

    The server connector is provided in source code format to simplify and ease the integration. It supports the three most common Web applications development platforms:

    • ASP.NET / C#
    • Java
    • PHP

To integrate Implicit Sync with your CRM / SaaS application you can either:

  • Use Implicit’s Professional Services Team – Our team is very experienced with this type of integration. We have worked with a large number of CRM vendors to integrate Implicit Sync with their platform. Leveraging our expertise allows you to shorten development time and lower total cost.
  • Implement the Implicit Sync API – If you prefer to have your team develop the integration, Implicit provides a complete Software Developers Kit including detailed API documentation and source code examples.